Porsche Boxster S – Protection Detail

This was a small job that I ticked off over the Christmas period before New Years… Since, I have been without the internet at home due to miscommunication between TalkTalk and BT. Not ideal.

I have a few more reports to deal with, and, as I am currently sat stealing my sister’s internet connection, I will have to make them all short and sweet.

The car in question was a surprise purchase from the ‘owners’ fiancé. I was booked to deal with a black S40-R Volvo however, upon arrival, all was revealed and the Volvo had been replaced with the Porsche.


  • 3M Glass Cleaner
  • 303 Convertible Cleaner
  • 303 Fabric Guard
  • AutoSol
  • AutoSmart G101
  • AutoSmart Tardis
  • Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish
  • Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection
  • Chemical Guys JetSEAL 901
  • Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild
  • Elite mild grade claybar
  • Meguiars Last Touch
  • Meguairs All Season Dressing


The car had literally just been brought back from the dealers from purchase, so, still in good condition and ‘clean’.

Temperatures were low again today but fortunately, I had access to a hot water tap.

First up was the convertible roof. Although not in a bad condition, it would benefit from a light cleanse:

303 Converible Cleaner in action,

Next wheels, arches and callipers. Cleaned with a mix of brushes/mitts and Autosmart’s G101 All Purpose Cleaner.

Tar deposits removed with AutoSmart Tardis:

A new piece of clay opened today, but, very little in the way of contaminants found on the paint.

Washed and dried.

A quick change of location to get the car inside and it’s now time to inspect the paint.

Generally good – nothing serious; just the usual light wash-induced swirls and a buffertrail or two from incorrect machine polisher use.

Fabric roof, once dry, was protected with 303’s Fabric Guard:

Paintwork cleansed and protected with the Blackfire duo.

Glass cleaned withy 3M’s Cleaner:


Before/After on the wind deflector from the interior:

Spoiler raised to gain access for cleaning:

The interior/leather was given a quick tickle (but again, in good condition to start with)

The biggest impact I could make was by cleaning the gear-knob; removing the dirt from the numbering:


Alloys sealed with JetSEAL 901. Tyres dressed and exhaust polished with Autosol.


This has got to be a WhiteDetails first!

Nice. What a surprise!

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