Renault Clio 200 Cup – Main Dealer Damage (Major Paint Correction Detail)

The 6th of December was set for the delivery of Mr Harpham’s brand new RenaultSport Clio. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, the vehicle didn’t make it in to the dealership and had to be postponed until the following week. The following week, however, the sales chap involved wasn’t at work. Said salesman had been instructed specifically not to wash/prep or polish this car during the PDI stages before collection. Mr Harpham’s plan was to bring the car straight to WhiteDetails for its first wash and exterior protection. With the absence of the salesman at the time, sure enough, the car was pushed through the dealer wash and prep… Resulting in the following:

The above photographs were captured on the 20th December; the date set for the Clio’s new car prep by myself. In the time between collecting the car on the 14th, and, dropping the car off with myself on the 20th, the new owner had spotted a few ‘light swirls’ and marks. “I’m not too happy…”

Once the car had been washed and wiped down, it was clear more than our planned “protection detail” would be needed!

Upon further investigation, it was noted that the O/S door had been resprayed. (this on a ‘brand new’ car that is less than a week old to the customer!)

And some nasty overspray/masking marks just behind the door from the repair work. (they must have missed this on the PDI then, eh?)

More damage (photographed on the 20th December):

After speaking to Mr Harpham about his options, I offered to correct the O/S door to show him how it should have been presented and suggested that he takes my 50/50s, the before & after and ‘damage’ photos to put infront of Renault themselves direct.

A few emails, various phonecalls and contacts were exchanged and Renault are happy to work alongside WhiteDetails and rectify the issues with Mr Harpham’s new purchase. Excellent service!

Thursday 3rd February – detail day!


Considering the vehicle had covered very little milage in the time between visits, I was shocked at how much tar had found its way onto the paintwork!

Once inside, dried and taped, it was time to crack on.

Some more of the defects:

3M polish and pads used for the correction.

Bonnet before/after:

Working down the O/S. Before/Afters:

Deeper marks on the rear O/S quarter:

Up on the roof:

Boot lid which suffered quite badly. Before/After:

Black bumper insert on the front-end after the first pass (additional passes were made to try and chase perfection)

N/S door before & after:

After correction was complete, an IPA wipedown was given to remove oils from the polishing stage (ensures a squeaky clean surface before wax/sealant application)

Blackfire’s All Finish Paint Protection was used to seal the paint and protect.

Glass polished inside and out with 3M’s Glass Cleaner.

Alloys sealed with JetSEAL109 and tyres dressed.


Correction levels: (how the car should have been delivered in the first place)

Waiting for collection:

A very cool, nifty little car! (Stunning colour too in my opinion!)

A big thanks to Mr Harpham, Renault UK and the main dealer involved.

Thanks for reading.


Customer testimonial:

“Jim has been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. From attempting the initial detail in sub zero conditions, right through to having this weeks correction, he has been brilliant and I cannot recommend his standards of work enough. Hopefully, it wont be the last time that one of my cars gets the White Details treatment.”