Mini – John Cooper Classic – Major Paint Correction Detail

November 2010, I put this car through a Winter Protection Detail to strip it of all exterior contaminants, to cleanse and to protect the paint. At the time, I asked the owner if they’d like me to demo a Minor Paint Correction Detail on the bonnet of the Mini (I could see the car needed more than just an exterior Protection and would benefit massively from more!).

How the Mini was left early November 2010 (front end machine polished to use as an example):

Three months later, it’s back for a single-day Major Paint Correction Detail to prep it in readiness for sale.


  • 3M Glass Cleaner
  • 3M UltraFina (blue top)
  • 3M UltraFine (yellow top)
  • 3M Fast Cut + (green top)
  • AutoSol
  • AutoSmart Tardis
  • AutoSmart G101
  • Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel
  • Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild
  • Dodo Juice Supernatural
  • Iron-X
  • Jeffs Werkstat Prime
  • Meguiars Last Touch
  • Meguiars Super-Degreaser
  • Sonus Green Mild Clay

Upon inspection

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that something is missing… No? Check the roof.

The Jack Daniels vinyl (other whiskey’s are available!) started to lift in the cold weather over winter; so much so, the whole thing had to be removed as it looked a mess.

Trouble is, look what I was left with:

Once the usual wash sequence was performed, including clay barring and tar removal, I had to focus my attention to the glue-residues on the roof.

A time-consuming task this. Required patience, Tardis, plenty of clean cloths and elbow grease.

Before/After on the sticky lettering:

Once the tacky glue residues were removed, Iron-X applied to lift bonded iron-containing particles.

Dried and moved inside for inspection:

This is why you should never ‘rub’ your paintwork:

Started my polish/pad combo’s high on the roof.

Initial Menzerna 85RD 3.02 approach didn’t quite give the desired levels of cut. Stepping up to the 3M system. Fast Cut + on a green compounding pad followed by UltraFine and Ultrafina on a yellow polishing pad.

Roof Before/After:


Another 50/50: (use the strip-light reflections to work out which side is which)

Paint proved to be quite tough! O/S door showing a mixture of buffer trails, swirls and deep random scratches. 100% correction wasn’t possible here due to thin paint thickness levels. Requiring three compounding passes to achieve the following results:

After first pass:

After third pass:

O/S front wing before/after:

Other before/afters:

Tricky tighter areas required some hand polishing.

N/S door:

Buffer trails spotted in the sun on the cars first visit back in November 2010.



Roof complete:

Back outside to remove polishing dust,

Carefully sheeting water over the car to aid drying.

From this/to this:

And this/to this:

Blown dry with the Black Baron Vehicle Dryer and further ‘pat dried’ to remove remaining water spotting.

IPA wipedown given to remove polishing oils ensuring a clean surface for the wax

Dodo Juice SuperNatural wax applied and allowed to cure for 30/40 minutes:

Glass cleaned. Tyres dressed. Chrome and britework polished. Wax removed.

Correction levels:

Total work time, 10 hours.

Shouldn’t have any troubles selling it now!

As always, thanks for reading,