Audi TT – TFSI – mk2 phantom black.

With only 186 miles on the clock, the Audi was dropped off at WhiteDetails HQ for a New Car Prep.


  • 303 Fabric Guard
  • 3M Glass Cleaner
  • AutoSmart Tardis
  • AutoSmart G101
  • AMDetails’ soft clay bar
  • Belgom ALU
  • Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish
  • Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection
  • Chemical Guys JetSEAL09
  • Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild shampoo
  • LTT Auto Ultra Protect
  • Meguiars Last Touch


Overall, for a dealer prepped car, the TT wasn’t too bad:

There were however a few machine holograms on the O/S rear quarters and swirls evident on all lower panels.

Marring from people using the paintwork around the door handle to close it instead of the handle itself!

Higher areas seemed fine:

Rolled out to begin the wash stage.

Wheels cleaned with AutoSmart G101 and various mitts/brushes. Vehicle pre-rinsed. Vehicle pre-washed. Washed. And then clay barred to remove embedded contaminants (“on a brand new car?” Yep – you’d be surprised!)

A new piece of clay – kept malleable in a mug of warm water.

Clay bar after half the roof and N/S door:

And more pick-up from the rear end:

See, even new cars benefit from being clay barred! (Just think where the car has been stored previously prior to delivery at the dealership)

Car washed, contaminant free and ready for cleansing.

The Black Baron Vehicle Dryer used alongside the uber plush deep pile towel to shift water from panel gaps, crevices etc etc.

Paintwork cleansed with Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish via rotary and a black 3M finishing pad.

As you’d expect on a new car, very little work needed on the interior.


Plastics and console wiped clean. Fabrics protected with 303 Aereospace. Leather with Auto Ultra Protect.

Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection applied.

JetSEAL109 used to protect alloy wheels

At this stage, a s1 Mazda MX5 popped in to see about a major correction detail (spot the red colour transfer in the background of the above pic!)

The N/S headlight was polished as a test area for a later booking.

Glass cleaned inside and out with 3M Glass Cleaner. Final wipedown of the paintwork and we’re done.

A 2011 Audi TT how it should have left the Dealers in the first place.

Many thanks,