Audi A3 2.0T – Lincoln Volkswagen Specialists Ltd

Sorry about the lack of reports recently; been flat out! Since my last write up, the F.458 Italia, I’ve done two minor corrections, been out on three maintenance trips and ticked off four protection details.

I wanted to share this one though as the car belongs to a local trusted company that I’ve worked alongside of for a few months now… – Lincoln Volkswagen Specialists Ltd

From servicing and repair, to diagnostics and performance upgrades located on the outskirts on Lincoln – LN5 9EJ.

So onto the car in question… It’s their development toy, an Audi A3 2.0 TFSi Quattro.

Currently, the car comprises of the following modifications:

REVO Stage 1 Software (taken the vehicle from 200bhp to 260bhp)
Forge Front Mount Twintercooler
Forge 11mm Wheel Spacers
Forge 330mm Big brake kit
EBC turbo grooved rear discs and Yellow stuff pads
Braided brake hoses
Brake system running DOT 5 fluid
Full super pro polly bush kit
Eibach front and rear anti roll bars
Eibach coilovers
Custom wheel alignment

And future plans for the car?

A full engine rebuild and GT3071X turbo charger.

Having just completed a 2500 mile trip around Europe (Nurburgring included), it was ready for some TLC.

Interior a little grubby, too:

The plan was to fully strip back, cleanse and protect the exterior and then to fix the interior and upholstery if time allowed.

The car has done quite a bit of track time; wheels seriously caked and the lower body panels were covered in road tar and rubber.

Usual approach in the wash stages – wheels > shuts > pre-wash > wash > tar > clay > dry.

Numerous applications of CarPro Iron-X were needed to fix the heavily pitted rims.

Once washed, AutoSmart Tardis used to help lift the stubborn tar deposits:

Next, Iron-X ‘Soap gel’ used alongside an old foam finishing pad to further deep cleanse the paintwork and remove inorganic contaminants.

Finally, in the car was clay barred to remove any remaining traces of foreign contaminants.

In this case, tree sap!

Engine bay cleaned with a degreaser and later dressed once dry and inside.

Having blown dry the car to remove all remaining trapped water, the exterior was polished by hand with Jeffs Werkstat Acrylic Prime and later followed with 2x layers of Jeffs JETT Trigger to protect.

With the wheels, tyres, britework and glass sorted it was time to move on to the interior.


Dirty water collected from front two seats:

Plastics and centre console wiped, leather treated, mats and carpets extracted, pedals, grab handles and steering wheel deep cleaned.

After the second layer of the sealant was applied, a final wipedown with Jeffs ‘GLOS’ and we’re finished.

Much smarter! It’s a hell of a car; I was lucky enough to drive it back to the unit on the day. On the way back (when the work was complete), I even managed to average 32mpg! (Can’t wait for the engine rebuild and big turbo upgrade!)

Finally, two examples of why you shouldn’t ‘scrub’ at a bird bomb on your paintwork: