Range Rover Vogue SE – Major Paint Correction Detail with Interior & Leather Care

A three day booking required to bring the Range Rover back to showroom standards both inside and out.


  • 3M Glass Cleaner
  • AutoSmart G101
  • AutoSmart Hazsafe
  • AutoSmart Tardis
  • AM Interior Cleaner
  • AM Mild Clay Bar
  • AM Shampoo
  • AM Snow Foam
  • Chemical guys JetSEAL109
  • Dodo Juice Supernatural wax
  • Iron-X
  • Jeffs Werkstat Prime
  • LTT Auto Ultra Foam
  • LTT Auto Ultra Protect
  • Meguiars Wheel Brightener
  • Meguiars All Season Dressing
  • Meguiars Super Degreaser
  • Menzerna S500 Fast Gloss
  • Menzerna 85RD 3.02 Intensive Polish
  • Menzerna 203s Power Finish
  • Menzerna 106FA Final Finish
  • ONR (optimum no rinse)


One or two deeper scratches down the N/S:

…make that several! (hedge inflicted)

Oops. “You missed a bit!”

As per, starting with the wheels and arches.

Pre-soaked in AS Hazsafe and jetted down before scrubbing the tyres with a degreaser and allowed a wheel cleaner to dwell before light agitation.

The wheels were heavily pitted. Requiring LOTS of Iron-X to break down the dusting and leave a like new finish.

From memory, each wheel took a minimum of 4 hits to get right. Each time allowing the product to dwell for 5+ minutes before agitating with various stiff bristled brushes.

With the wheels and arches sorted, there were a few other areas that would require special attention before moving on to the main wash stage.

AS Hazsafe used to pre-wash the vehicle before moving on to AM Snow Foam and Shampoo for the safe two bucket wash.

AS Tardis picking up a few tar deposits:

and Iron-X doing its thing on the lowers:

Moving inside for the remaining decontamination stages. Still my ‘go to’ clay bar, Alan @ AMDetails’ mild clay was used alongside ONR as lube.

Lots of surface contaminants removed:

Something I wasn’t expecting, massive amounts of tar on the rear window:

With the vehicle clean, contaminant free and blown dry, it was brought back outside for a better looks at those defects.

Scratches on the N/S from hedge encounter

Aswel as the scratches, the N/S/R door and wing had been resprayed. Badly.

A dull, heavy, lifeless finish. This is main dealer Land Rover work, too.

An example of the general ‘haze’ that was covering the car:

and a nasty bumper on the N/S corner of the rear bumper:

Inside under the forced lighting: (plenty to get stuck into!)

Starting pad and polish combinations on the huge bonnet.



Happy with the results, I power on through down the O/S.

Wing before/after:

50/50 between O/S/F door and the bonnet edge:

Mirror after:

in the refining stage with a blue 3M finishing pad and Menz 106FA:

A few IPA wipedowns to pull out remaining polishing oils and then checking correction levels and finish with various light sources:

50/50 between O/S doors:

O/S/R door before/after:

A great example of how badly swirls and scratches can steal the colour/depth of the original paint hidden beneath.

Rear quarter before/after:

Boot lid/tailgate before/after:

The flat resprayed N/S rear quarter ready for some heavy correction:


A N/S rear 50/50:

Rear light clusters before/after:

To get ‘right’, this one (the badly scratched N/S/R door) took some time!


Down on the lower sections, a nasty burn through/chafe on the delicate leading edge of the panel.

Finishing the rest of the bonnet.

After multiple hits with wool, there was little I could do with the scuff on the rear bumper. No where near perfect, but, vastly improved.

As expected, once the machine work was (finally) complete, there was lots of dust to clear before moving on to the protection/finishing stages:

Vehicle jetted down (paying particular attention to panel gaps, door shuts, bonnet/boot hinges etc) and brought back inside for drying down and a final IPA wipedown.

Dodo’s Supernatural wax used here to protect:

Alloys sealed with JetSEAL. Trim dressed with Megs All Season. Glass inside and out with 3M’s glass cleaner:

Moving on to the interior. Leather in need of a deep clean!

Two 50/50s throughout the leather cleaning process:

Any other leather trim was cleansed with LTT’s Auto Foam. Plastics, rubbers and visors etc wiped clean with a mild AS G101 mix.

31 hours later, the Vogue sits awaiting collection:

Remember that scuff?

Much better:

Excellent. A nice turnaround here!

As always, thanks for reading.