Range Rover Vogue

Having previously worked on the owners VW Touareg and an XK Jag, it was time to take a look at the new purchase, a Range Rover Vogue.

Booked over a three day period, the vehicle was to receive a full Major Paint Correction Detail to the exterior paintwork, full interior tidy with leather treatments and an engine-bay overhaul.

Upon inspection.

True condition of the paint will be revealed later once clean, clayed and dry.

First job, as always, was to tackle the wheels and arches.

Having flushed, degreased and scrubbed the arches, I was left with LOTS of tar! Stubborn tar spots literally covering the arch lining plastics.

AutoSmart Tardis used to try help dissolve some of this..

Once the wheels had been cleaned and de-tar’d, Wolfs Decon Gel was used to lift the pitted brake dust. (The inner rim was caked. Would require a full wheels-off job to sort this)


Interesting, lots of overspray on the N/S/F wheel. Somewhere down the line the Range had visited the body shop…

Overspray removed with a Megs aggressive clay bar:

Next, the vehicle received a quick rinse before some foam action. AMDetails Foam used.

Whilst foamed, a soft bristled brush was used to tackle the smaller, intricate areas.

Washed with the two bucket method and Born to be Mild shampoo.

Starting to get a glimpse of the paint condition now….

Lots of swirling (to be expected), buffer trails from body shop repairs and some random deep scratches.

With the tar deposits removed from the lower portions, the car was taken inside for claying.

Always amazes me this, this is the pick-up from the rear window:

Covered in tar! Impressive.

Moving on to the rest of the car…

Now the car is ‘clean’, it was blown dry with the black baron vehicle dryer.

Paint inspection. Scruffs, sanding marks, overspray, buffertrails and random scratches. Plenty to get stuck in to…

Starting pad and polish combinations down the O/S.

Low paint thickness!!?


Settled on a cutting, polishing and refining combination, I work my way down the side of the Range.


O/S/R Wing – before/after:

Lots of marks under that petrol filler cap!

O/S looking much better:

Tailgate. Before/After:

More overspray (on the side of the light cluster)

Rear light clusters polished with menzerna compounds and hexlogic foam pads.

More nasties to tackle down the N/S:


Sanding marks spotted on leading edge of rear quarter:

Some time later, sorted.

A bad scratch on lower sections. Not sure as this one can be 100% fully removed…

Nope. Not quite. Much improved. (The low paint thickness readings were present throughout – I didn’t fancy pushing my luck too far with this one…)

N/S/F door. Before:



Rear bumper:

Once the machine work was complete, vehicle rolled out to be dusted down and rinsed.

Full blown dry once again, followed by Auto Finnesse Rejuvenate to further cleanse the paintwork and prep for wax.

Wax of choice, Black Label Concours

Engine dressed and tidied.

Paintwork given a final wipedown:

Windows dropped to access top two inches:

Full interior detail, alloys sealed, tyres & arches dressed etc etc.

Pretty much there.

Treated the ASV to a quick wash. (to sell, or not to sell? Tough one!)

Waiting on collection.


Thanks for reading.