Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI Altitude

A new purchase for the owner – the car was picked up on a Friday and by Sunday, it was left with me at WhiteDetails’ HQ.

The plan. To make ‘like new’ throughout… (Major Paint Correction, interior, leather and engine-bay)


Spotting a few scuffs and scrapes before we even start:

Engine before:

Lots to work with then.

After full wash sequence, we’re inside for claying (removal of surface contaminants)

Quite a lot lifted. We now have a “clean” car.

Back outside for a final rinse.

And water sheeted with an open-hose to aid the drying stage.

Once fully blown dry, the lights were rigged and paint inspection can begin.

Straight away, down the O/S, I spot bodyshop ‘doings’. Lots of sanding marks present and rough, rough edges.

General swirling and scratches:

Yep. As above, plenty to get stuck in to.

Polishing set began on the bonnet. Some low readings… (Highest I could find was a touch over 100um)

Bonnet before:

IPA wipe down to remove polishing oils after correction:

And after:

Happy with that.

Cutting stage: 3M wool with Scholl S17+
Polished/refined: 3M yellow pad and Menzerna 85RD 3.02

Moving on. Across from the A – C pillar. (Previous buffertrails spotted up here, too!)


O/S/F wing. Before:


A nasty mess on the door. More wool needed (several hits!)

IPA’d to check correction levels.

Refined and finished. Nice.


O/S/R door fini:

Light clusters corrected:

Boot lid:


More A-pillar action:

Switching sides: 50/50 on the N/S

Getting there!


Wing complete:

Mirror caps:

Gloss black B-pillar:


50/50 on the sill:

Scuffs on front bumper:

Rear bumper:

More C:

More mirror!

And machine polishing complete. Late on day 2.#

Early morning, outside to rinse and remove dust.

With the engine bay now clean, we’re back inside, re-blown dry and on the final leg.

Engine dressing applied:

Et voila, as new.

A lovely product to work with – AutoFinnesse Rejuvenate on a yellow 3M polishing pad to further cleanse the paintwork.

Chosen wax? Raceglaze Black Label Concours.

Interior tackled. Exhausts polished. Chrome polished & protected. Glass cleaned inside and out followed by a final wipedown to the paintwork. Finissshed!

Twins. (almost…)

(See here for other Touareg report:


What a car. Loved it! (looks the part now too!)

Thanks for reading.