Mercedes-Benz CLK 230 Kompressor Cabriolet

Single day paint enhancement with interior and engine bay care.

Just a quick one this…

A new purchase for the owner – although the vehicle is 12 years old, it’s only clocked a touch over 20k miles with one previous owner! A cracking example!

My task was to brighten the paintwork, lay down some quality protection and fix the interior, leather, engine bay etc within the single day.

A few before shots:

Initial findings were the car was ‘clean’ (the roof especially…) Exterior britework was a little tarnished and tired, as was the paintwork but overall, very tidy!

Once the engine, rag top, arches, wheels and paintwork had been cleaned and exterior clay barred, the paintwork was given a single stage machine polish.

50/50 on N/S/R wing:

Restoring colour and clarity nicely!

Following the machine polish, an IPA wipedown was given before a layer of Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance Wax.

Engine bay dressed with 303 Aerospace Protectant. Painted areas polished with Jeffs Prime.

Exterior britework polished:

Glass, tyres, wheels and sills sorted.

Interior tackled and fabric roof hovered once fully dry.

Final wipedown and finished – 10 hours later:

Smart! Thanks for reading.