Nissan 370Z – Le Mans Blue

2 day Paint Enhancement Detail to remove light swirling and Dealer inflicted buffertrails.

At the time of spec’ing and ordering the car, my customer, David, requested that the supplying Dealership leave the car well alone before collection for fear of induced swirling, scratches and machine holograms from poor products and technique.

Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, this request was ignored. Now although very slight, there were several areas that suffered from said machine polishing holograms. It was now my job to remove all surface contaminants, lift the unsightly buffertrails and light wash marring and lay down some quality protection for future maintenance.

Attempted video edit (first time using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 so still very sketchy (practice needed!))

On arrival:

Overall, a tidy and a well-cared for vehicle. David brought my Pamper-Pack in the early days of his ownership – using the correct kit and approach; he has been able to keep the soft Nissan paint in pretty good shape!

Not many photos captured throughout the wash stages. As you can see, it was a bit wet!

Once washed and tar deposits removed with AS Tardis, BH Auto Clay was used to lift other bonded surface contaminants.

With the car ‘clean’, it was blown dry to remove all traces of trapped water (behind badges, grilles, shuts etc)

It was very difficult to capture the defects on this colour. The only areas I could photograph were the remains of David’s previous Dodo Juice wax sessions!

Bird poo etching:

Swirling on the gloss black b-pillars:

Perhaps the worst area on the car, in terms of scratches, was the boot lid.

A terrible design. With no internal ‘grab’ or handle to pull the lid to, you have to grab the paintwork itself which of course, over time, is only going to damage the paint.

Using a mild polish and soft finishing pad, I was able to knock out the majority of the defects in a single hit.



After several thorough IPA wipedowns to ensure the paintwork is oil free, Raceglaze’s Black Label Concours wax was applied to protect.

With the engine dressed, glass, tyres, wheels, interior and exhausts all finalised, the car was rolled out for some sun shots.

Back inside and waiting on collection.

Lovely. What a stunning colour.

David was a happy man.

Thanks for reading,