Volkswagen Golf mk1

Having previously been fully resprayed, the vehicle was in need of some refinishing to remove the bodyshop inflicted buffertrails and swirling before show season.

Before, general:

Masking marks and overspray:


Lots of buffertrails from previous polishing attempts:

The car didn’t warrant a full clean and decontamination session; it was literally spotless when it arrived! An ONR wipedown was given to remove surface dusting and the polishing commenced:

Starting high on the roof.





Meanwhile, Matt from MH Services was fitting a Bluetooth handsfree phone kit and a Cooper S front bumper to my customers’ Cooper D.

NSF wing before:


NS door before/after:

Overspray spotted low down:


Light clusters before/after:

Moving onto the boot lid, lots of tricky curves and angles to navigate here; a timely process.



A 50mm backing plate was used with a 75mm spot pad to allow correction in the deep channels (tough to pick out on the photographs)

Outer edge completed as normal:


Rear screen was badly scratched. CarPro Ceriglass used via rotary to lessen the damage:

Far from perfect but a lot better:

End of day 1:

An early start and time to correct the rest of the bonnet:

Roof complete:

OSF wing complete:

Once the machine work was complete, a thorough IPA wipedown was given to remove remaining polishing oils and protected with AMDetails’ AM Seal paint sealant.

Exterior black trim coated with G-Techniq C4. Britework with Jeffs Prime. Glass with 3M Glass.

17 hours later:

Much better!! Thanks for reading.