BMW 635d Cabriolet – Carbon Black

A 30 hour Major Paint Correction Detail with full interior, leather care and engine bay treatments.

The owner handed over the BMW stating they “want to love the car” again. Que White Details!

On inspection:

Lots of random nicks and deep scratches spotted. The series of hazy patches seen on the bonnet is a result of using t-cut. Oops!

Starting with the wheels and arches. Alloys cleaned with an acid free wheel cleaner and various brushes/mitts. Tar deposits removed and iron contaminants removed with CarPro Iron-X as seen bleeding out here:

Next up the rag top was soaked, 303 convertible cleaner applied liberally and agitated to remove engrained dirt.

Moving quickly because of the heat, the car was rinsed, foamed to soften surface dirt, pressure rinsed again and then washed with the two bucket system and a lambswool mitt.

Starting to get an idea of the vehicles true condition now:

With the BM now washed, all tar deposits were removed from the lower quarters and then moved inside for claying.

Once blown dry, we’re set and ready for polishing.

Various pad and polish combinations were trailed. Settling on a 3 stage process: cut > polish > refine.

Starting on the bonnet:

After the first pass, the hazing caused by the t-cut had been (mostly) removed, but we can now see the severity of the defects that were hidden beneath.

Unfortunately 100% correction wasn’t going to be possible here. Some of the nicks were pretty deep and low paint thickness readings wouldn’t allow for full correction.

An example of what was left: (albeit greatly improved and lessened)

A pillar before/after:

Mirror before/after:

Starting to work down the O/S.

OSF wing before/after:

Checking correction levels after an ipa wipedown:


Pushing back to the rear quarter, looking better!

High up on the rear deck/boot-lid, before/after:

Light clusters:

Rear bumper suffering from usual scuffs and scrapes:


NSR quarter before/after:

Door finished, wing untouched.

Correction levels again:

Edge of NSF wing:

Completing work on the bonnet:

Some more of the bad scratches:

Massively improved:

Once the correction work was complete, the car was outside for a good rinse to remove the dusting.

Back inside and dry, the fabric roof was protected:

Engine bay dressed and polished where appropriate:

Britework polished with Jeffs Prime:


A final ipa (isopropyl alcohol) wipedown was given to the paint before sealing with AM Seal and topped with AM Premium Wax:

Alloys protected with AM Seal. Tyres dressed with Zaino Z16.

Interior before:

Difficult to capture on camera but most of the plastics were tacky and dirty, a few scuffs from shoes and slightly shiny leather.

Leather first of all given a good brush to remove ‘bits’ from the side bolsters etc. LTT Auto Ultra Foam used to clean with a stiff bristled brush to agitate:

Lots of dirt removed:


Rinse water after finishing the leather:

Carpets and floor mats soaked in an all purpose cleaner before being scrubbed and wet-vac’d with the VAX6131.


Interior after:

A concluding wipedown of the paint and we’re finished:

Ooh, I almost forgot…

The finishing touch (before/after)

Smart – much better!

Thanks for reading, Jim