Volkswagen Golf R32 mkiv – Deep Blue Pearl.

After a recent respray, the Golf was booked in for a ‘steady’ two day enhancement to prep inside and out in readiness for the upcoming show season.


At first glance, the bodywork looked OK. The worst area appears to be the interior; bodyshop compound and dust everywhere!! “Cheers..!”

Setting about the wheels, arches and callipers first. Various mitts, tools, brushes and chemicals used to clean.

Whilst jacked (to access arches), the exhaust box was given a good soak and a scrub to prep for polishing later on…

With all four corners and the door shuts complete, AM Foam applied and allowed to dwell whilst intricate areas (panel gaps, fuel filler, badges etc) were sorted.

I’m getting wet at this point; typical British weather. No more photos until we’re inside. Vehicle rinsed and two bucket wash commenced.

Tar deposits and tiger seal (used to bond the sills to the vehicle) removed from lower quarters.

Once inside, although relatively new and ‘fresh’, the car was clayed to remove surface contaminants.

Generally, as hoped, the majority was ‘clean’… The windows however were a different story.

Masses amounts of overspray from the bodyshop. Proved tricky to remove! Will set about removing this fully later on…

Cool, so… A fresh, clean and gorgeous looking Golf sits before me. Looks well, right?!

Time to take a closer look…

Y’arp! As expected…

Every panel was covered in swirling/holograms, DA pigtails and flat spots from the bodyshop. The ‘difficult’ areas (panel edges, curves, tight spots etc) were just full of unfinished sanding marks.

Having passed on this information to the owner, they were truly gutted. Genuinely thought the car wouldn’t need machining and would be a simple ‘two day tidy’ in readiness for the big shows…

The investigation continues:

Lower front bumper, unfinished:

With two massive chips and sanding marks across the width:

Rear bumper in similar condition… Sanding marks unfinished in lower corners and another massive chunk of paint missing.

The rest of the car, well, see for yourself:

After introducing a third date to the diary, it was time to crack on.

OSF wing – edge riddled with unfinished sanding marks:

After first hit:

Requiring 2-3 hits to achieve desired results.

Likewise, although massively improved, the bulk of the wing took multiple compounding sets to get right. A few pigtails remain after first pass:

Two, three sets later and refined, nice…

The OS door handle was up next.

With the handle sorted, it can now be taped up and surrounding areas safely worked upon:



To get correction as tight as possible, the inch above and below the bumpstrips were first hit with a smaller spot pad.

A/B-pillar action:

Progress is good. OS door and wing complete:

The roof, apart from this one little section around the ariel and one on the spoiler, was probably the best area in terms of defects present…

Continuing on the rear quarter:


Lastly on the OS, the sill:

OS complete:

Boot lid suffering from a few light ‘finger scratches’ and sanding marks:


The boot as a whole wasn’t too bad.

Just a few patches to clear up on the edges:

(and this random blob of overspray?)


Light clusters only requiring a quick tickle:


Rear bumper before/after:

Unfinished low down spots. Before/after:

A pillars suffering just the same:

Snap. B-pillar… Before/after:



Lower NS door. Shocking. Before/After:

Buffertrails knocked out of the mirrors:

And more sill action:

End of day 2.

Morning of day 3, first job was to rinse the car down to remove dusting and gunk.

Rinsed, blown dry, and ipa wiped to remove any remaining oils.

- Paintwork received x2 layers of AM Seal to protect. – Engine bay dressed and polished where applicable – Glass cleaned throughout with 3M Glass cleaner

Exhaust tips and box polished with optimum metal polish:

Remaining overspray removed from glass!



More here:

And here:


Exterior pretty much complete!! Now to tackle that interior…

To give an idea on how dusty this place was, here’s a 50/50 on the underside of the parcel shelf from the boot:

All surfaces were covered with dust and particles of foam from the bodyshops’ compounding pads.

Also discovered this: oops!

Interior fini:

Engine bay fini:

Golf R32, fini…

and as a special treat, a larger version of the above photo is available HERE

After 24 hours, from what was going to be an easy ‘tickle’ and enhancement, the Golf did.look.stunning!

So much so, the following day, at the cars first show (DC 2012), it took a trophy in the show n shine competition! Well done Tim! Another award winning White Details customer.

*UPDATE, 23/06/2012, Tim has won again! This time, BEST mkiv Golf at GTi International!

As always, thanks for reading.