BMW Z1 – Toprot Red

A new customer to WhiteDetails wanted their little pride and joy prepping in readiness for a few upcoming shows.

The BMW was a beaut. 1989 and a mere 24k miles.

My task was to tidy throughout. Full paint correction. Full engine, interior and wheels off treatment to give that show ready appearance.

First job was the wheels off work. Arches pre-soaked with AutoSmart Hazsafe, scrubbed and later dressed with Meguairs All Season Dressing.

For such a tidy car, I was surprised to see how dirty and built-up the arches were!

Next – the wheels.

Although clean on the outer face, the inner rims as you can see were quite stubborn with brake pitting etc.

Once ‘clean’ with AMDetails’ Safe Wheel Cleaner, you can see how contaminated they actually were:

And this, what looks to be overspray from a previous refurb?

Anywho, tar deposits dissolved with AutoSmart Tardis and then CarPro Iron-X assigned to the task of chewing through the metallic deposits.

Iron-X amazes me. Really. In my opinion, none of the alternative products on the market come anywhere near this! Although expensive (esp when buying in 5Ltrs quantities!) it really is the best.

Buy here:

With the wheels blown dry, AMDetails Seal was used to protect.

As new:

Back outside, engine bay next.

Already a bit of a show piece, the car/engine-bay wasn’t exactly dirty. Just a light dusting and patchy grease spots to fix.

…after photos later.

Having cleaned all delicate and intricate areas with AutoSmart G101, AM foam was applied and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes.

The two bucket wash was followed with more Tardis to remove the odd, stray tar deposit.

Once inside, Bilt Hamber Auto Clay was used to lift any remaining contaminants from the paintwork and glass.

Initial defect inspection:

Most panels suffering from medium-heavy scratching and general wash swirling and scuffs.

With a plastic body, heat was going to be a big factor here.

Starting my correctional passes with the Meguiars Microfiber DA system. Yielding good results!



What looked like DA sanding marks on the NS bonnet edge. Before:

All gone:

If only the rest of the car were to be that easy!!

Look closely, you’ll see a 50/50 on the boot lid:

Restoring colour and clarity nicely.

From another angle, before/after:


Difference between wing and boot:

O/S/R wing. Before and afters:

O/S door lower before:


It appears that once the door is ‘open’ (drops into the deep sills!) it catches slightly and as a result, has marked the paint quite badly.

After several slow machine passes it was vastly improved:

But as you can see, not perfect:

‘Sills’ before/after:

O/S and front end complete:

Working back down the N/S:

Boot, before/after:


Badge corrected, too:

As were the light clusters:

Rear bumper was difficult to get perfect.

This one had to stay…

Rear end now looking sharp!

Last panel to machine, the front bumper.




phew.. outside for rinsing to remove the dust.

Rag top protected with 303 fabric guard:

Paintwork received its third and final machine polish via DA and AM Glaze.

X2 coats of AM Seal applied to bodywork to protect.

Some slight toothpickery work:

At this point, I had another classic pop in for a quote (one to watch out for, booked August time)

Exhaust box and pipes polished with Optimum Metal Polish.

Rinse water after cleaning interior plastics and fascias:

One or two areas benefitting from a light touch up:

Black plastics restored with G-Techniq C4 Trim.


Cleaned cleansed inside and out with 3M’s glass cleaner:

With the interior tickled, the engine bay dressed and tyres blacked, we’re done. 26 hours later.


Very smart. Car will be on show at various venues throughout the rest of ‘summer’…

Thanks for reading.