Nissan Navara

A recent purchase for a new customer.

I was contacted to go check out the truck one evening as the owner had noticed some bad defects in the paint whilst the sun was out…

Although bought at a main dealer, the vehicle was outside and it was wet at the time of the purchase. Never ideal…

OK. So, on inspection:

Even when filthy and in neutral lighting, cloudy ‘dull’ spots were shouting out at me from the word go.

It looks like someone, somewhere, has been a little over eager with a machine polisher. Time to get it washed, free of contaminants and inside.

Ample amount of tar removed from vehicle.

Tar spots on side runners:

After some AutoSmart Tardis:

Once inside, the truck was clayed with Bilt Hamber mild clay.

Turns out, there was more tar on this one than I thought:

The rear window was covered!!

So. Finally.. ‘Clean’, dry and ready for polishing. Here are the defects that the owner mentioned:

Even under fluorescent strip lights, the paintwork was just ruined.

Great stuff. We can’t be too sure if it was the supplying dealership that inflicted this mess or, the previous owner/third party valeter before trading the vehicle in. Either way, it should not have been handed over to my customer like this!

Starting my 2 stage correction on the bonnet.


Perfection wasn’t on the cards today… Booked in for a light correction detail to “remove and improve!”

O/S. Ace:



Doors complete

The Carryboy on the bed was up next.


Work in progress:




Starting to work down the NS:


So much colour and clarity lost under the buffertrails and swirling…

With the machine polishing complete, the truck was dusted down, received a final IPA wipe to remove remaining polishing oils and the first of two coats of AM Seal applied to protect.

With the glass, wheels, tyres and trim sorted, we’re pretty much there. 17 hours later.

From auction ming, to trailer-towing King!!

Remember this?

Customer was over the moon. Good stuff.

As always, thanks for reading.