VW Golf R32 mkiv

A returning customer dropped their new project off for some WhiteDetails treatment.

Much like their last, the yellow mk1 (pictured below) the R32 had come straight from the paintshop.

A similar story to the mk1: (http://www.whitedetails.co.uk/index.php?id=196) the paintwork suffering… Lacking depth, shine and riddled in machine induced swirling and buffertrails.


The car arrived clean – once the wheels were tackled, the body received a quick two bucket wash and spot tar-removal and we were inside out of the blazing sun.

Time for a closer look.

Without wanting to bang on too much about the finish, it really wasn’t great. Pretty grim in areas as you can see. Plenty of unfinished sanding marks, masking marks, overspray, paint drips and the occasional ‘fish eye’.

Starting my polishing set on the flats (bonnet, roof)

Going for a two step machine polish. Cut > refine.


Bonnet nice and crisp:

B Pillar. Before/After:

Higher up:

Being such a solid colour, the defects were tough to capture on camera.

Working down the OS:


Boot lid:

The bulk of the boot lid was OK. The worst bit being photographed here:

Presumably a “finger swipe” when closing the lid…


Rear bumper. Before/after:

Some of the tighter areas were full of sanding marks. “missed a bit!!”


The sills, more sanding marks:

Mirror caps:

Lastly, to bring the machine work to an end, the front bumper was ticked off.

The evening sun showing great correction levels

Rinsed down to remove dusting.

Once back inside, towel dried and finally blown dry, the engine was dressed and polished where appropriate.

Paintwork received final IPA wipedown to remove polishing oils before x2 coats of AM Seal to lay protection.

Exhaust tips polished up with Optimum Metal Polish and wirewool

Glass throughout with 3M Glass. Wheels sealed with AM Seal. Tyres with Zaino Z16 ×2. Interior wiped with mild APC & vac’d.

21 hours later. Golf R32 show ready.

A bit morning sun:

Once again, a happy customer.

Thanks for reading.