Triumph StreetTriple & a Seat Leon Cupra R

“Can you do my bike?” “yes.” “Can you do my Bike and my car, in the same day?!” “ugh, yes!”

Busy one this! An hour’s drive saw me unloading the car at 8am. I had the Triumph bike to play with – to polish the plastics and generally ‘lift’, and the Seat LCR to perform an Enhancement and Protection detail on.. 8:30 -> 12 was spent working on the bike. 12 -> 7pm was spent working on the car.

Lets push things forward..

Triumph StreetTriple

Process & Product

The main task I was given for the bike was to remove the scruff/scratches on the petrol tank where the rider’s leathers had caught and scuffed them quite badly (going in next week to have the protective shield put over it)

1. Strip the bike down where possible
2. Clean/degrease bike ‘body’
3. Polish plastics & petrol tank
4. Seal wheels
5. Wax all plastics/shiny surfaces

• AS G101
• Megs SuperDegreaser
• Werkstat Jeffs PRIME
• Menz FF PO85RD
• Menz IP 3.02
• DoDo Juice Purple Haze
• CG JetSEAL109

Pictures and Process

Upon inspection..

Scuffs on the tank:

The whole thing was covered in swirls.

As said, first thing, was to strip down the plastics and take them away from the heat for polishing.

All other areas on the bike in the meantime were cleaned, and, britework received a coat of Werkstat PRIME.

Here’s the underside plastics..

Once clean, showing it’s true swirlage:

A 50/50:

And after:

Not perfect, but, much improved.

And heres the piece that goes on the seat. Before:

And after:

Front mud-guard before and after:

You get the idea.

Perspex ‘glass’ removed to allow easier access to the front.

Polished items waxed.

Tank brought up nicely too..

More plastics removed from the rear of the bike:

All of this was made possible with the help of:

(no “Spot Jim’s Jaffa!” today though I’m afraid)

OK so, start to piece the bike back together..

Et voila, now for a few final finished shots.

Good. Okay, so, next?!


Seat Leon Cupra R

Process & Product

1. Wheels/Arches
2. Pre-wash/Rinse/TBM
3. De-tar/Clay-bar
4. Limeprime application
5. SuperNatural application to protect
6. A few ‘spot-corrections’
7. Sills and shuts wiped clean
8. Alloys sealed. Tyres dressers
9. Interior vac’d, wiped and glass cleaned
10. Exhausts polished
11. Zaino Z8 wipedown

• AS G101
• DoDo LimePrime
• DoDo SuperNatural
• Sonus Green clay
• Tardis
• CG WheelGuard
• Autosol
• Menz IP 3.02
• Megs Endurance Gel
• AutoGlym FastGlass

Pictures and Process

Upon inspection..

’R’ badges had been removed that morning so there was some glue to sort out

It was a pretty warm day; I had to move the bike about several times to work with, and against, the sun. I knew it would be difficult working with the car..

Surprising amount of contamination lifted.

3M finishing pad for the Limeprime today.. Bit dirty!


‘LEON’ badge on the rear left a bit of a mess. Cleaned up with Tardis and some Menz.

Thankfully, the neighbour suggested moving the vehicle half onto his drive – the sun was with us all day. Only the tiniest bit of shadow was being cast from the house.

Check out this little fella..

A wanna’bee? (..get it? ;) )

Getting there..

After polishing, Supernatural was layed down, the doorshuts were wiped cleaned, alloys were sealed, tyres dressed, windows polished and interior had a seeing too. Oh, Autosol brought the exhaust up nicely, too.

Lots of after pictures..

10.5 hours later, I’ve finished. Finished the bike, and finished the Leon. Woo! Pack up, say my goodbyes and I’m on the road at 7:20pm. What a day.. Needless to say I caught the sun somewhat..

Here’s a shot the owner sent through the following day:

Thanks for reading!