Detailing is an extensive practice that, throughout many steps and several hours, a car is transformed back to better than new with the utmost in care and attention which you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Originating from South California, USA, detailing has spread globally and only recently has it caught people’s attention. Most of the time, a vehicle is the second most expensive purchase in life – why not look after it? Does a £10 ‘Top Job!’ at the local garage/supermarket suffice? Do you plead guilty to using automated car-washes? You get what you pay for. A lot of the time, automatic car-washes do more harm than good and inexperienced ‘valeters’, put more scratches in than they take out! Go figure.

Public car washes, automated units and incorrect wash technique lead to a whole array of imperfections on your paint. Swirls, holograms and micro-marring can steal the gloss and true clarity hidden beneath. Using the industries finest products along with a paint depth measuring gauge and two types of machine polishers, WhiteDetails is able to cater for your Correction, Reflection and Protection needs.

WhiteDetails’ Info

  • Pricing – the prices seen on the Services page are based on vehicles’ condition. Although vehicle size obviously affects the immediate price, the vehicles’ condition can also include a surcharge (if anything less than originally described (heavily soiled/contaminated, lifeless paintwork etc)

  • Location – WhiteDetails operates a mobile service, however, working conditions are paramount when performing a detail over a period of days. Inclement weather, light conditions, available space and time factors all have to be taken into account. Located in postcode NG32 (Nottingham / Lincoln), I have a customized unit which is ideally kitted out to ensure best working conditions are available. It is recommended that vehicles are bought to this workshop for optimum results unless otherwise arranged
  • Travel – Prices are based on a 50 mile round trip of Newark On Trent (NG24 postcode). I can travel outside this area at a rate of £0.40p per mile