Below is a choice of five services that White Details offers.

  • Protection Detail
    Summary: An intensive deep clean suited for vehicles that receive regular care and require no paintwork correction. Perfect pre-winter to protect your car against the elements.
  • Paint Enhancement Detail
    Summary: Introduction to paint correction and swirl removal. Designed for those on a budget to bring the gloss and shine back to their paintwork without breaking the bank..
  • Minor Paint Correction Detail
    Summary: A two stage machine correction aiming to remove surface swirling, light scratches, buffertrails, hologramming and overspray.
  • The White Detail
    Summary: The ultimate car care package for the true petrolhead.


  • Interior Detail
    Summary: Interior overhaul ensuring the inside of your car, looks as great as the outside!
  • Engine Bay Detail
    Summary: Add to that ‘like new’ experience; bring the ‘heart’ of your vehicle back to factory fresh!
  • Refresh Detail
    Summary: Bi-Weekly/monthly maintenance valet – hang on to that ‘freshly detailed’ look all year round..

  • I can offer tailor made packages for your special requirements. Please contact me for further information.